Uncomfortably Mature: Shia LaBeouf’s Different, More Complicated, Life

Shia LeBeouf produced by Rick Schwartz in Project Greenlight

LaBeouf always stood out, writes Rick Schwartz, who worked with him on his first movie:

“Shia LaBeouf just dropped out of his theater debut, a play called Orphans that he was supposed to star in with Alec Baldwin. Various reports detail friction between the two stars, wall-breaking during rehearsals, and generally insane actor-type behavior. In true post-modern fashion, the young LaBeouf posted his side of the story on Twitter, copying multiple email exchanges and his own articulate apologies. To me, the whole episode was rather unsurprising in many ways; I had worked with LaBeouf on his first movie, and even back then, all of the writing was clearly on the wall.”

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